This endpoint is called to get the status of a transaction. You are required to include the app key in the header section and the bearer token in the authorization section of the API platform you are using e.g Postman.

Method: GET
URL: {{base_url}}/api/payments/gettransactionstatus?transactionid

This call takes in the following parameter


Name Type Required Description
transactionid string R The transaction id for the specific utility

Sample response for KPLC tokens

Output Type Description
TransactionId string Transaction Id associated with the utility
UtilityName string Utility name
Status string Utility status
Amount int Money paid for the utility
ReceiptNumber int Receipt number
TransactionDate string Date of the transaction
Token int Token Number
Units int Number of units given by KPLC to the specific account number
    "TransactionId": "1042955",
    "UtilityName": "KPLC Tokens",
    "Status": "Completed",
    "Amount": 20.0000,
    "ReceiptNumber": "211104001042955",
    "TransactionDate": "2021-11-04 19:10",
    "PaidItem": {
        "Token": "11165751758259169338",
        "Units": 0.040000

Sample response for airtime

Output Type Description
TransactionId int The transaction Id for the utility
UtilityName string The utility name
Status string The transaction status
Amount int Amount assigned to the utility
ReceiptNumber string The receipt number
TransactionDate string The transaction date
DestinationPhoneNumber int the recipient phone number
Denomination int Denominations of amount dispensed by the airtime provider
Quantity int The quantity
OperatorName string The service provider
    "TransactionId": "5121",
    "UtilityName": "Airtime",
    "Status": "Checking",
    "Amount": 50.0000,
    "ReceiptNumber": null,
    "TransactionDate": "2016-06-16 16:30",
    "PaidItem": {
        "DestinationPhoneNumber": "254703263713",
        "Denomination": 0,
        "Quantity": 1,
        "OperatorName": "ORANGE"

Available statuses

Status Name Description
Checking Transaction has been prepared awaiting completion
Completed Transaction has been completed successfully
Failed Transaction has failed
Cancelled Transaction was cancelled