This API call is made to send SMS to a single recipient.

                                        Method: POST


    "Authorization": "Your bearer token from step 1",
    "Content-Type": "application/json"

The request body is as follows

    "contact" : "Phone number",
    "message" : "Message",
    "callback" : "Your callback url to get the responses",
    "sender_name" : "Your sendername"
Value Type Description
contact string Recipient's phone number
message string Actual message
callback string Callback URL(POST request)
sender_name string Sender name

Response sample is as follows

    "message": [
        "Messages added to the queue"

The callback url displays data response from the queue

Sample response for the callback url

   "contact": "0721...", //the contact phone number.
   "messageType": "transactional", //type of message sent.
   "status": "delivered, failed or sent", // message status.
   "description": "DeliveredToTerminal" // description of the message status e.g failed to enter the queue, sender ID blocked e.t.c.