Prepare transactions

This API call is made to prepare a transaction.

Method: POST
URL:  {{base_url}}/api/pay-tv/post

This call has no parameters however the request body is as follows


    "ProviderName":"DSTV", //dstv or gotv
    "BasketId": 422248, //must be the basketid returned from getAccountDetails
    "SmartCardNumber": 1049895922, //the smart card number
    "CustomerNames":"BROWN", //the names obtained from getAccountDetails
    "phoneNumber": "254743589765",
    "amount": 1050,
    "paidBy":"BROWN" //the names obtained from getAccountDetails


Output Type Description
ID string id
Pin string pin
ReferenceNumber string reference number
BasketId string unique identifier per transaction
ProviderName string provider name
SmartCardNumber int customer id
CustomerNames string customer names
TransactionID int transaction id
PhoneNumber int user phone number
PaymentTypeID int payment type id
Tendered int amount paid
PaidBy string user name
Amount int amount
TransactionStatus string transaction status
AgentReference string agent reference
ReceiptNumber int receipt number
LocalReceiptNumber string receipt number
BatchId string batch id
Batch string batch
TransactionDate string transaction date
PaymentStream string payment stream
PaymentType string payment type
PaymentDetail string payment detail
BranchID string branch id
Branch string branch
MerchantID string merchant id
Merchant string merchant
TransactioDetail string transaction detail
Commission string commission

Sample response

    "ID": "5f813096-e30e-4308-84c9-23a46597cf99",
    "Pin": null,
    "ReferenceNumber": null,
    "BasketId": 422248,
    "ProviderName": "DSTV",
    "SmartCardNumber": 2045678901,
    "CustomerNames": "BROWN",
    "TransactionID": "1046103",
    "PhoneNumber": "254743358765",
    "PaymentTypeID": 1,
    "Tendered": 1050.0,
    "PaidBy": "BROWN",
    "Amount": 1050.0,
    "TransactionStatus": 0,
    "AgentReference": null,
    "ReceiptNumber": null,
    "LocalReceiptNumber": null,
    "BatchID": null,
    "Batch": null,
    "TransactionDate": "0001-01-01T00:00:00",
    "PaymentStream": 39,
    "PaymentType": null,
    "PaymentDetail": null,
    "BranchID": null,
    "Branch": null,
    "MerchantID": null,
    "Merchant": null,
    "TransactionDetail": null,
    "Commission": 0.0,
    "ReceiptImage": null,
    "SyncStatus": 0,
    "MakerCheckers": null

Example of the API call: {{base_url}}/api/pay-tv/post