Merchant set-up process

  1. A merchant visits the JamboPay website, signs up via Merchant sign up, and contacts the support team for the merchant setup process.

  2. The support team requests the KYC information which includes the following details

    • Certificate of incorporation
    • The company CR12
    • Business License
    • KRA Pin Certificate
    • Copies of IDs for Directors
    • Passport Size Photographs of the Above Persons
    • Filled Jambopay Merchant form/Agreement
  3. The business and the support team verifies the details sent by the merchant and signs the merchant agreement form.

  4. The support team requests the merchant application keys from the I&M.

  5. Upon receiving the keys, the merchant is set up by the support team using the following details

    • Merchant app key (provided by I&M) and,
    • JamboPay commission percentages.
  6. JamboPay then gives the merchant a client key.

  7. The merchant uses the merchant client key to get a token by posting the following information in the following Url Token

    • Username
    • Grant-type which should always be indicated as password and,
    • Password