Get transactions

This API call is made to generate all transactions as per the specified parameters

Method: GET
URL: {{base_url}}/api/pay-tv/get-transactions


This endpoint accepts optional indexed key-value fields in the format [index].key=param_name&[index].value=param_value

Parameter definition

Name Type Required Description
SmartCardNumber string O smart card number
TransactionId string O transaction id
Index string O transaction location on the database
ReceiptNumber string O receipt number

Sample parameter definition on Postman using key and value

[0].key SmartCardNumber
[0].value 1020495036
[1].key TransactionId
[1].value 2398756
[2].key index
[2].value 0
[3].key ReceiptNumber
[3].value 34976567


Output Type Description
CustomerNames string customer names
ProviderName string provider name
SmartCardNumber int account number
PayUReference string payU reference
PayUReceiptNumber string payU receipt number
Amount int amount
Commission int commission
Id string transaction Id
PaidBy string user name
ServedBy string name of server
PaymentDetails string payment details
Stream int stream
StreamDescription string stream description
PaymentTypeID int payment type id
PhoneNumber int user phone number
ReceiptNumber int receipt number
LocalReceiptNumber string receipt number
TransactionDate string transaction date
TransactionDetail int transaction details
UserID string user id
TransactionID int transaction id
TransactionStatus string transaction status
Tendered int amount paid
UserCode string usr code
MerchantID string merchant id
CreatedBy string name of the creator
CreatedByUserID string creators user id
CreatedDateTime string date of creation
Platform string platform used for making the transactions

Sample response

        "CustomerNames": "BROWN",
        "ProviderName": "DSTV",
        "SmartCardNumber": "2055678934",
        "PayUReference": "",
        "PayUReceiptNumber": "",
        "Amount": 1000.0000,
        "Commission": 40.0000,
        "ID": "c707a7e6-8291-497a-ae28-2f11e9bd40c6",
        "PaidBy": "BROWN",
        "ServedBy": "Jane Njeri Kamaru",
        "PaymentDetails": null,
        "Stream": 40,
        "StreamDescription": "PayTv",
        "PaymentTypeID": 1,
        "PhoneNumber": "254743569489",
        "ReceiptNumber": "220110001046102",
        "LocalReceiptNumber": "M220110001046102",
        "TransactionDate": "2022-01-10T11:25:32.977",
        "TransactionDetail": "254724972416",
        "UserID": "6f7dd4ea-6fcc-402e-a2a0-a2b679cdfdfa",
        "TransactionID": "1046102",
        "TransactionStatus": "Completed",
        "Tendered": 1000.0000,
        "UserCode": null,
        "MerchantID": "PAYTV",
        "CreatedBy": "Jane Njeri Kamaru",
        "CreatedByUserID": "9f1c36a3-789f-4f8d-8dbb-06bec1773e20",
        "CreatedDateTime": "2022-01-10T11:22:40.07",
        "Platform": "Web Application"
        "CustomerNames": " BROWN",
        "ProviderName": "DSTV",
        "SmartCardNumber": "2055678934",
        "PayUReference": "",
        "PayUReceiptNumber": "",
        "Amount": 100.0000,
        "Commission": 0.0000,
        "ID": "ada7aa08-49af-4eff-b84e-ef1e716d85d3",
        "PaidBy": " BROWN",
        "ServedBy": "",
        "PaymentDetails": null,
        "Stream": 40,
        "StreamDescription": "PayTv",
        "PaymentTypeID": 1,
        "PhoneNumber": "254720456709",
        "ReceiptNumber": "220104001046088",
        "LocalReceiptNumber": "M220104001046088",
        "TransactionDate": "2022-01-04T19:12:47.523",
        "TransactionDetail": "254719653520",
        "UserID": "a330dc4b-7928-4e5b-9d7c-e3fd857f9410",
        "TransactionID": "1046088",
        "TransactionStatus": "Completed",
        "Tendered": 100.0000,
        "UserCode": null,
        "MerchantID": "PAYTV",
        "CreatedBy": "",
        "CreatedByUserID": "2f81ddfa-c784-4029-82bf-2aa5b3a2f790",
        "CreatedDateTime": "2022-01-04T19:12:38.983",
        "Platform": "Web Application"

Example of the API call: {{base_url}}/api/pay-tv/get-transactions?index=0