Complete transactions

This API call is made to complete a transaction.You should ensure that the basket ID obtained from the get account details request and the transaction Id obtained from the prepare transaction request matches the one on the body of this call otherwise the call will throw an error.

Method: PUT
URL: {{base_url}}/api/pay-tv/put

This call has no parameters however the request body is as follows

    "amount": 1050,
    "transactionID": "1046042",//has to match current transaction id obtained from the prepare transaction request
    "pin": "3333",
    "providerName":"DSTV",//dstv or gotv
    "basketId": 590834,//has to match current basket id obtained from account details lookup
    "SmartCardNumber": 2035971450, //the smart card number
    "phoneNumber": "254749340459"


Output Type Description
TransactionID string transaction id
TransactionStatus string transaction status
PayUReceiptNumber string payU receipt number
AgentReferenceNumber string agent reference number
ReceiptNumber string receipt number

Sample response

    "TransactionId": "1046103",
    "TransactionStatus": 1,
    "PayUReceiptNumber": "",
    "AgentReferenceNumber": "jKDnm0rgOiv3NG7ceC6p",
    "ReceiptNumber": "220111001046103"

Example of the API call: {{base_url}}/api/pay-tv/put