This call completes the token purchase transaction thereby returning a token number to the customer.

Method: PUT
URI: …/jambopayservices/api/payments/PUT
Stream: credit


Name Type Required Description
Stream String R Payment stream being accessed
TransactionID String R Unique transaction reference number
PhoneNumber String R User phone number
PaymentTypeID Int R payment type id
Tendered Decimal R Confirmation of Amount to be paid as passed on the POST request


Output Type Description
TransactionID string Unique transaction reference number
ReceiptNumber String Unique reference number that confirms that the transaction is completed

Error codes

Param Description
0 Ok
1000 Reserved for future use
1010 Invalid Username
1011 Invalid pass
1012 Invalid transaction id format
1050 Invalid currency, always KES
1051 Invalid transaction id
1053 Transaction is already completed
1060 Low agent balance
4440 Internal server error
1052 Internal server error
1054 Internal server error

Example of the API call: …/jambopayservices/api/payments/PUT