Bill presentment

This call prepares a payment for airtime purchase

Method: POST
URI: …/jambopayservices/api/payments/POST
Stream: credit


Name Type Required Description
Stream string R Payment stream being accessed
PhoneNumber string R User phone number
Amount decimal R Transaction amount
PaymentTypeID Int R Mode of payment.e.g. 1 for cash, 2 for cheque, etc
CircleCode Int R Unique code for each group of product. Use default - 1
OperatorCode Int R Airtime provider identifier
ProductCode String O Unique Code for the service being bought, i.e. RV – recharge voucher
Denomination String O Denomination of amounts dispensed by the airtimeprovider. E.g. 20, 50, 100,250, 500
Quantity Int O Number or multiples of the denomination chosen. E.g. 1,2,3,4
DestinationPhoneNumber Int R Phone number of the airtime recipient


Output Type Description
TransactionID string Transaction reference number
Names string names of the registered owner of the phone number
Stat string Static details about the user

Example of the API call: …/jambopayservices/api/payments/POST